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    SubjectRe: [git pull] x86 arch updates for v2.6.25
    > /me was once wondering as well why kgdb installs a seconds way of
    > handling (its own) faults. Jason explained to me that this approach is
    > more robust against corruption along the normal fix-up path.

    That's 100% bogus.

    > If you recall the issues (and they are still present), it would be nice
    > to have them listed. kgdb suffered a lot from historic cruft, but we
    > already remove at least some of it over the last patching rounds.
    > Whatever remains should be addressed ASAP.

    I sent Jason a couple of mails last time when he posted (and before that the
    previous maintainer when he tried to merge it). All were
    fairly "beratungsresistent".

    If you're truly interested i can dig out the mails or do a fresh review.

    Long ago I did a quite clean x86-64 kgdb for Linux 2.4 based on the
    old 2.4 stub that dropped in without any strange other hooks
    (except for a straight forward change to the serial code). It worked
    just fine this way.


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