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    SubjectRe: ACPI_WMI: worst config description of all times

    > On Friday 08 February 2008 00:12:24 Ray Lee wrote:
    > > While I'm not trying to set you up for a firing squad, if you can show
    > > that the only use this driver has is as underlying support for Acer/HP
    > > xyz drivers,
    > Certainly at the moment, this is the only real use it has (and the only reason
    > I spent any time working on a generic ACPI-WMI driver - probably one of the
    > reasons Kconfig is somewhat neglected - ACPI-WMI is a means to an end for me
    > (getting my laptop properly supported by another driver on top of it), not
    > the end itself).
    > Although, given most of the other laptop drivers in drivers/misc use 'select'
    > for various things, I don't see the harm here - unless anyone else has a
    > great objection to acer-wmi and tc1100-wmi having 'select ACPI_WMI'?

    I believe selct is the way to go here. What do acer-wmi handle?
    Additional buttons? Leds? Temperatures? Fan states?

    The laptops will boot fine without it, right?

    (cesky, pictures)

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