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SubjectRe: [git pull] x86 arch updates for v2.6.25
John Stoffel wrote:
> Linus> So I'd merge a patch that puts oops information (or the whole
> Linus> console printout) in the Intel management stuff in a
> Linus> heartbeat.
> How about we put in some sort of console logging tool so we can buffer
> and log the console output better? Currently if I have both a serial
> and tty console defined, my GDM prompter looses the mouse until I goto
> the XDMCP chooser and back again.
> I'm pretty sure it's a GDM problem, since Xdm doesn't have this issue
> at all. Haven't had time to chase it though.
> In any case, having some way to log oopses better would be really
> nice. Not sure how we could do it reliably for suspend/resume needs
> on laptops without dedicated management hardware like the ILOM stuff
> on Intel/Sun boxes.

Hm. Dumping oops information plus perhaps even a memory dump to a USB
key sounds like it would be highly useful - lots of storage capacity,
readily available, and can be plugged into just about any system.

I don't know if the backdoor debugging mode in EHCI can be used for
that. Either way, this would have to be done *very* carefully to avoid
clobbering USB devices not intended for this purpose.


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