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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] enclosure: add support for enclosure services
    --- On Sun, 2/3/08, James Bottomley <> wrote:

    > The enclosure misc device is really just a library providing
    > sysfs
    > support for physical enclosure devices and their
    > components.

    Who is the target audience/user of those facilities?
    a) The kernel itself needing to read/write SES pages?
    b) A user space application using sysfs to read/write
    SES pages?

    At the moment SES device management is done via
    an application (user-space) and a user-space library
    used by the application and /dev/sgX to send SCSI
    commands to the SES device.

    One could have a very good argument to not bloat
    the kernel with this but leave it to a user-space
    application and a library to do all this and
    communicate with the SES device via the kernel's /dev/sgX.


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