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SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: mark USB drivers as being GPL only
Greg KH wrote:
> It comes down to the simple fact, if you wish to use Linux, abide by the
> license it comes under. To do otherwise is both disenginous and
> illegal[1].

I think you're being dishonest. This isn't really about Linux and it
being licensed under GPL, is it? Not if you're being 100% honest. This
is really about Beejay's* kernel module; and you are attempting to force
her to release that under GPL. You should 'fess up, that the change is
0% technical, 0% unavoidable and 100% political. This does, of course,
disadvantage Linux with respect to many classes of devices, for example
GSM transceivers when used in those parts of the world^ where regulatory
requirements prohibit modification of power or frequency settings, which
effectively prohibits open-source driver.

An unbending bias towards GPL is impractical in many markets. It also
hands an additional point or two of market share to Microsoft; who no
doubt will be immensely grateful.

*The fictitious author of an imaginary driver.
^Probably all of the world.

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