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SubjectRe: strange behavior on multimedia eject button for cdrom
Hi Harold.

Somewhere on the web I read that some of the M1330 media keys are
directly connected to the drive, hence the lack of keycodes.

If you eject a disk while it is being played, then the Linux driver
will get a read failure. What happens then may not be well defined :)


Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Hi folks,
> My laptop (Dell XPS M1330) has some multimedia keys added to the
> keyboard, including an eject button for the cdrom drive, instead
> of a "regular" eject button built into the drive itself.
> When I press it to eject a CD, then Linux becomes pretty mad: The
> audio device gets stuck somehow, playing the same tune over and
> over again, the network connection is frozen, etc. Once the CD is
> out it is back to normal, as it seems.
> I would guess that the eject button triggers some bios functionality,
> outside of the control of the kernel. But is it? How comes that
> Linux seems to loose control in this case?
> Kernel is (amd64).
> AFAICS this eject button has no keycode. The other multimedia keys
> have.
> Any helpful idea would be very welcome.
> Regards
> Harri
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