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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] Consolidate send_sigqueue and send_group_sigqueue
    > Right. I was working on a fix for that for a different reason. What we
    > really want is a check for such a timer on a transition from SIGIGN to
    > another state. This would allow us to drop the ugly auto rearm code
    > for ignored timers completely. I had some working proof of concept
    > code, but got distracted. Need to find it again and dust if off.

    That is certainly what came first to mind. (Note that it's not strictly
    SIG_IGN alone, but sigaction_says_ignore.) We'll have to contemplate a lot
    of corners to be sure we get it right. It's not real clear to me how you
    go about finding all the affected timers sanely from sigaction.


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