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SubjectScheduler lockup or nfsd problem in and

Hello all,

The last few days our trusty NFS server has experienced several soft
lockups. These occur every 11 hours or so. The system does not respond
afterwards. Sending sysrq commands over the serial console seems to work
allthough we had to powercycle the server once.

First we thought it would be an NFS problem, and now that we tried instead of, we now have two different stacktraces that
share a trace through nfsd (nfsd_direct_splice_actor):

The second however, leads me to think the (relatively new) scheduler might
be involved through __check_preempt_curr_fair.

I'm now trying, which has a recent lockd issue with NFS fixed
but hasn't had the scheduler update.

How do I go about debugging this problem? What do you experts think?


Allard Hoeve

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