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SubjectRe: [patch 2/6] mmu_notifier: Callbacks to invalidate address ranges
> > Also, what we are going to need here are not skeleton drivers
> > that just do all the *easy* bits (of registering their callbacks),
> > but actual fully working examples that do everything that any
> > real driver will need to do. If not for the sanity of the driver
> > writer, then for the sanity of the VM developers (I don't want
> > to have to understand xpmem or infiniband in order to understand
> > how the VM works).
> There are 3 different drivers that can already use it but the code is
> complex and not easy to review. Skeletons are easy to allow people to get
> started with it.

I posted the full GRU driver late last week. It is a lot of
code & somewhat difficult to understand w/o access to full chip
specs (sorry). The code is fairly well commented & the
parts related to TLB management should be understandable.

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