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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86 vdso: fix build locale dependency

* Sam Ravnborg <> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:42:15AM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> >
> > Priit Laes discovered that the sed command processing nm output was
> > sensitive to locale settings. This was addressed in commit
> > 03994f01e8b72b3d01fd3d09d1cc7c9f421a727c by using [:alnum:] in place of
> > [a-zA-Z0-9]. But that too is locale-dependent and may not always match
> > the identifiers it needs to. The better fix is just to run sed et al
> > with a fixed locale setting in all builds.
> Priit's original patch used the LC_ALL trick. It is me to blame that
> it was replaced with [:alnum:] :-(

ok. I've queued up Roland's re-fix. We'll eventually converge to
something everyone is happy with ;-)


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