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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [x86] rdc321x: Kconfig options fixes for rdc321x

    * Florian Fainelli <> wrote:

    > Hi Ingo,
    > Le mercredi 27 février 2008, Ingo Molnar a écrit :
    > > these many special conditions in the Kconfig space are way too ugly.
    > > (Also, i can see no reason why for example hibernation wouldnt be
    > > possible on rdc321x, it's a pure software concept ...)
    > I would have thought an embedded device with only flash memory as rom
    > storage could not hibertnate.
    > Maybe we should turn all those special conditions into HAVE_FOO/BAR
    > instead ?

    no. Just leave those things alone. Obviously, if you dont initiate
    hibernation it wont be done - and you dont have to build it in either.
    But there's no fundamental reason that it _couldnt_ work - if a suitable
    device was attached. Dont put such hardcoded dependencies into the
    kernel ...

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