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SubjectRe: [patch 5/6] mempolicy: add MPOL_F_RELATIVE_NODES flag
On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 11:44 -0600, Paul Jackson wrote:
> David,
> Perhaps I missed it, but could you elaborate on what sort of testing
> these patches for MPOL_F_RELATIVE_NODES and MPOL_F_STATIC_NODES have
> received?
> The main reason I didn't push my version of these patches in December
> was I figured it would take a week or three of obsessive-compulsive
> testing to verify that we didn't break various corner cases of the
> mbind/mempolicy system call interface.
> In particular, do we know that Oracle works with this? At least in
> years past, when Andi was the primary developer here, he had some
> good and detailed awareness of what it took to keep Oracle happy
> with this NUMA memory policy apparatus. I don't know if we still
> have that awareness.

I've recently been "playing with" Andi's numactl/libnuma/mempolicy
regression tests on 25-rc2-mm1. I found a couple of problems caused by
changes in behavior on newer kernels--not in the mempolicy area, but in
a couple of the tests themselves and in numastat, used by the primary
mempolicy regression test. I haven't seen any discussion of these
issues on the mailing lists, or I missed it. So, I've attempted my own

I have placed a tarball containing patches against numactl-1.0.2 sources

See the patch descriptions for more info. The individual patches and
series live in the same Numactl directory for easy browsing.

The numactl-1.0.2 sources are located in Andi's repository at:

With [3(1) of] these patches, the regression tests pass on my x86_64
NUMA test platform [4 socket/node, dual core, 32GB] on 2.6.25-rc2-mm1
with and without Mel Gorman's "two zonelist" patch series. I haven't
gotten around to checking out David's latest series yet, nor have I
tried Andi's tests with cpusets. I don't know whether the tests will
pass in arbitrary cpusets--I expect not. It's on my list. In any case,
you can grab the patches if you want to regression test your own


(1) patches required for regression tests:


regress-01-reorg-and-annotate.patch is just a "beautification" [in the
eye of the beholder, of course] patch so that I could figure out what
was going on.

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