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    SubjectRe: [(RT RFC) PATCH v2 5/9] adaptive real-time lock support
    >>> On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at  5:03 PM, in message
    <>, Pavel Machek <> wrote:

    >> +static inline void
    >> +prepare_adaptive_wait(struct rt_mutex *lock, struct adaptive_waiter
    > *adaptive)
    > ...
    >> +#define prepare_adaptive_wait(lock, busy) {}
    > This is evil. Use empty inline function instead (same for the other
    > function, there you can maybe get away with it).

    I went to implement your suggested change and I remembered why I did it this way: I wanted a macro so that the "struct adaptive_waiter" local variable will fall away without an #ifdef in the main body of code. So I have left this logic alone for now.

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