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Subjectfilesystem corruption on xfs after 2.6.25-rc1 (bisected, powerpc related?)

Since upgrading to 2.6.25-rc1 I see filesystem corruption on my XFS
filesystem. I can reproduce this by doing "git reset --hard v2.6.25-rc1"
on a git checkout which is on some other revision. Git outputs strange
error messages (like file xxx is a directory when xxx really is a file)
and sometimes the filesystem "hangs" (I can no longer do any operations
on it even from another shell). If I reboot with a working kernel and
check the filesystem xfs_check reports many errors. I also see the
problem when doing other (not related to git) operations on the
filesystem. Git reset is just the easiest way to reproduce it.

I was able to track this corruption down to commit
a69b176df246d59626e6a9c640b44c0921fa4566 ([XFS] Use the generic bitops
rather than implementing them ourselves.) using git bisect.

Reverting edd319dc527733e61eec5bdc9ce20c94634b6482 ([XFS] Fix
xfs_lowbit64) to avoid merge conflicts and the faulty commit on top of
2.6.25-rc3 fixes the problem.

My filesystem is on an LVM2 logical volume and my computer is a
PowerBook G4 (model 5,8). I'm using GCC 4.2.3.

My problem is similar to the problem Johannes Berg reported in:

AFAIK Johannes also uses a PowerBook. Maybe this is an endianness


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