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    Subjectstrange behavior on multimedia eject button for cdrom
    Hi folks,

    My laptop (Dell XPS M1330) has some multimedia keys added to the
    keyboard, including an eject button for the cdrom drive, instead
    of a "regular" eject button built into the drive itself.

    When I press it to eject a CD, then Linux becomes pretty mad: The
    audio device gets stuck somehow, playing the same tune over and
    over again, the network connection is frozen, etc. Once the CD is
    out it is back to normal, as it seems.

    I would guess that the eject button triggers some bios functionality,
    outside of the control of the kernel. But is it? How comes that
    Linux seems to loose control in this case?

    Kernel is (amd64).

    AFAICS this eject button has no keycode. The other multimedia keys

    Any helpful idea would be very welcome.



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