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    SubjectLinux 2.6.25-rc3

    Ok, it's out there, ready for your enjoyment.

    As usual, most of the updates are in architecture and drivers, with the
    dirstat showing about 37% in arch (and that's with rename detection:
    there's some file movement in arch/xtensa that would bring it up to 43% if
    you looked at it as a traditional diff) and almost 50% in drivers.

    Much of the include file stuff is also architecture-related updates.

    The driver updates are mostly fairly spread out, but some of it comes from
    a couple of new drivers: the mvsas SCSI driver, a new adt7473 driver, and
    a couple of new watchdog drivers.

    Anyway, here's the managerial overview that you've all been waiting for
    (yeah, sure, I can see you all holding your breath):

    2.5% arch/h8300/
    13.9% arch/mips/configs/
    14.6% arch/mips/
    6.7% arch/powerpc/configs/
    7.5% arch/powerpc/
    2.5% arch/x86/
    6.1% arch/xtensa/kernel/
    6.2% arch/xtensa/
    37.0% arch/
    3.5% drivers/ata/
    6.0% drivers/hwmon/
    2.3% drivers/media/radio/
    6.1% drivers/media/video/
    9.0% drivers/media/
    3.1% drivers/net/
    13.0% drivers/scsi/
    5.1% drivers/watchdog/
    47.6% drivers/
    2.4% fs/
    2.9% include/asm-xtensa/
    5.1% include/
    2.0% net/

    Now, if you ignore the architecture-specific stuff and drivers, the rest
    is mostly in networking, soem Documentation updates, and a few filesystem
    updates (mainly efs and xfs).

    Anyway, the upshot of it all? Quite frankly, it's all over the place. The
    changes in -rc3 are bigger than -rc2, probably mostly because we had some
    more time (-rc2 was a couple of days early because of the long weekend in
    the US), but hopefully also because people have started to find

    Reading the shortlog (too big to be posted, although not by much), a lot
    of it really is fairly trivial. Things like sparse warning cleanups etc.
    But we had a nasty SLUB corruption issue in -rc2 that is fixed (not that
    very many people probably saw it), and we've hopfully fixed a number of
    regressions in networkign and suspend/resume.

    So give it a good testing, please,


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