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SubjectRe: 2.6.25-rc1 xen pvops regression
Alan Cox wrote:
>> I'd been meaning to ask this. So the machines you have which don't
>> describe 0xf0000 as reserved also don't describe it as RAM? (I guess
>> it's either a hole in the table or one of the other e820 types).
> Making 0xf0000 bus addresses RAM is probably a bad idea anyway. Most OS's
> treat the E820 map with paranoia because we do see real PCs which
> variously claim that the BIOS ROM space is RAM, ACPI, Reserved or just
> forget to mention it.

Actually I switched 64bit over to trust e820 completely and not
reserve 640k-1MB explicitly some time ago
and AFAIK there hasn't been any reports that it causes problems.

So presumably trusting e802 is ok on modern systems (2003+)


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