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    SubjectRe: Plans for mISDN? Was: [PATCH 00/14] [ISDN] ...

    Tilman Schmidt wrote:

    > mISDN has two problems, which are of course interrelated:

    mISDN has one problem that is even bigger than these: the kernel oopses
    if modules aren't loaded in the right order. misdn-init works around
    that, but if it doesn't work for some reason (and I can think of
    multiple here), the user is left with a kernel that oopses during
    hardware discovery and never gets to a stage where this can be
    rectified, as almost all distributions now have hardware discovery
    before the first opportunity to get a shell. At least these were my
    experiences the last time I tried it on my test box.

    This is the reason I've kept mISDN out of the last two Debian stable
    releases, despite users' requests.

    When a hardware driver module is loaded, it should only do basic
    hardware initialisation; it is certainly not necessary to set up the
    entire stack (or even decide on a protocol, which currently needs to be
    handed in via module parameter -- before userland code is there that
    wants to talk to the hardware, there is no reason to have the hardware


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