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SubjectRe: Plans for mISDN? Was: [PATCH 00/14] [ISDN] ...
Hi Simon,

>> mISDN has two problems, which are of course interrelated:
> mISDN has one problem that is even bigger than these: the kernel
> oopses if modules aren't loaded in the right order. misdn-init works
> around that, but if it doesn't work for some reason (and I can think
> of multiple here), the user is left with a kernel that oopses during
> hardware discovery and never gets to a stage where this can be
> rectified, as almost all distributions now have hardware discovery
> before the first opportunity to get a shell. At least these were my
> experiences the last time I tried it on my test box.

that is not a big problem at all. If you have to enforce a specific
module load order then create some dummy exports like misdn_load() and
use them from the module that depends on it. It is not beautiful, but
sometimes you have to do it this way. So if that is stopping mainline
inclusion it is a lame excuse.



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