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SubjectRe: sparse - make __CHECK_ENDIAN__ default enabled?
On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 23:03 +0100, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Hi Harvey.
> Can I ask you to look into the worst offenders so we
> can make -D__CHECK_ENDIAN__ enabled per default
> in the kernel.
> Or maybe we should do it anyway?

Well, I've got the worst of fs and drivers/ata done so far, still
weeping over the 5500 warnings in drivers. (X86_32 allyesconfig).
People ignore the existing warnings anyway, why not toss a few more
on the pile?

I'll look them over tonight and see how bad it would be.

> I made a quick test-run with a x86 64 bit defconfig.
> My first thought was that this was just really bad
> because the amount of warnings roughly doubled.
> But then inspecting it a little closer I could see
> that 8 files had an increase of > 100 additional
> warnings when we enabled __CHECK_ENDIAN__ and
> that smells like easy targets to bring down the noise.
> I did not dare do it for an allyesconfig run - I
> am not that brave.

Well, I'm just going through the _trivial_ ones first to try and cut
the noise down a bit. I think with all the patches I have out there
I've cut a little over 1000 lines off an allyesconfig build on X86_32
so far.


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