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SubjectRe: Plans for mISDN? Was: [PATCH 00/14] [ISDN] ...

did someone say interface/API documentation ooops ... <DUCK> seriously
this is lacking and im sure as time goes on some volenteer (sucker) will
get it up and running.this is not a show stoper but a nice to have.ill
perhaps even help out a bit with things, i have some comments on useage
and module parameters that could be usefull to the would be
users.remember mISDN is just the kernel bits there is a user lib that
takes care of userland bits.

>> b) still doesn't support all the hardware isdn4linux supports.
> That's a show stopper of course.

of course not all hardware is supported and in some cases more hardware
is supported ... there is a precident for this OSS/ALSA where the one is
marked as DEPRICATED and the other promoted initialy as EXPERMENTAL ...

over all the most common devices are better supported under mISDN than

and as with OSS/ALSA both can coexist on the system as modules (only one
can be loaded at a time or else they dont play nice).

i really think this is a storm in a tea cup been blown into a hurricane
after all if it were mainlined (in -mm even) the result would be better
support and more choice there are far worse supported drivers than the
mISDN stack.the reality is that isdn4linux is dead idealy unsuported
drivers need to be ported to mISDN or kept on life support.


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