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SubjectRe: Status of storage autosuspend

> > What is the status of USB storage/SCSI autosuspend patches? They work
> > nicely here ;-).
> I could submit them, but there is one outstanding problem I would like
> to solve first. Maybe you can suggest a solution.
> The problem is how to handle SG_IOCTL calls. It seems that the only
> safe thing to do is to force an autoresume and prevent the device from
> autosuspending until the device file is closed. Unfortunately the
> SG_IOCTL stuff is all handled inside the block layer, and there's no
> apparent way (other than some dreadful hack) of passing the necessary
> information down to the SCSI layer.


> Should we ignore this issue and submit the patches anyway?

I think you should. "Easy" (and clean) solution to that issue is to
just return -EPERM from SG_IOCTL if autosuspend is configured in ;-).

(cesky, pictures)

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