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    SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Corruption problems in pata_via for Via NanoBook owners (Cloudbook, EasyNote XS etc.)
    > In 2.24 the device ID 0x581 for Vendor VIA was added to the pata_via  
    > driver causing some problems.

    Actually we've had the CX700 supported for a while and as Tejun has
    fixed other bugs related to it we know its being used and tested. The
    slave port is a bit quirky but that is purely in the way it seems to mess
    up the snooping of mode changes. Yours is the first bug report of this
    type so more information about the precise combination of devices used
    and the actual logs would be useful.

    > It builds fine and seems to start up OK, however, on large IOs then
    > the kernel starts to throw errors about MULTICMDs (I think that was
    > the term) returning an invalid response.

    No thats not a term I can guess at - do you have any logs with the exact
    error reports in them ?

    Also unfortunately you've compared 2.6.23 with 2.6.24 which means a bug
    anywhere else could be causing the behaviour you see. It would be very
    interesting to know if 2.6.24 built with old IDE rather than pata_via
    (which is just config options) shows a difference in behaviour on your


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