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SubjectRe: linux-next: first tree

> The tree currently contains:
> Greg's driver-core, pci and usb quilt series (in that order)
> Alasdair Kergon's device-mapper quilt tree
> Jiri Kosina's hid git tree
> Jean Delvare's i2c quilt tree
> Randy Dunlap's kernel-doc quilt tree
> Haavard Skinnemoen's avr32 git tree

Please add v4l-dvb tree, at:


The above tree has two branches: 'master' and 'stable'

Both branches will have V4L/DVB next patches. The first is against your master,
and the second, against your stable.

I've opted to have both trees, since probably 'stable' is the better option for
you to clone. On the other hand, 'master' allow me to foresee if an "alien"
patch would conflict with a subsystem patch.


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