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SubjectRe: Upgrade to 2.6.24 breaks NFS service
On 13 Feb 2008, Jeff Layton told this:

> If upgrading nfs-utils doesn't help, on this box, could you run:
> # rpcinfo -p localhost
> send the output? statd expects that lockd will always be listening on a
> UDP socket and some changes recently made it so that when there are
> only TCP mounts that it doesn't necessarily do so. That may be the
> problem here.

I rebooted back into again, and everything works now, without
even upgrading nfs-utils (although I did that anyway, to nfs-utils git
head, and it's still happy).

Linux: debugs itself, no human intervention required! :)

(The inconsistency of this screams `port allocation' to me. If it
happens again I'll get some rpcinfo output and packet dumps. I'd
have done it this time if it hadn't been for the plug-the-security-
hole rush and it being 2am.)

`The rest is a tale of post and counter-post.' --- Ian Rawlings
describes USENET

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