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    SubjectRe: Announce: Linux-next (Or Andrew's dream :-))
    Stephen Rothwell wrote:
    > Andrew was looking for someone to run a linux-next tree that just
    > contained the subsystem git and quilt trees for 2.6.x+1 and I (in a
    > moment of madness) volunteered. So, this is to announce the creating of
    > such a tree (it doesn't exist yet) which will require some (hopefully)
    > small amount of work on the part of subsystem maintainers.

    As noted to Andrew in private email, I think this would be great.

    akpm's -mm tree tends to have "x+1" changes in it, and also stuff that's
    not fully baked yet. I would definitely like to see a tree composed of
    all the sub-trees where maintainers said "yes, I think this is baked and
    ready for x+1". Then -mm and not-yet-baked git changes can layer on top
    of that.

    As others are noting, API changes require some coordination amongst
    ourselves (should be our job, not yours, really) and historically we
    haven't been so good at that -- in part because IMO there hasn't been
    any system thing better than a heads-up email in place.


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