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    Subjectvmsplice exploits, stack protector and Makefiles


    I just read the excellent LWN writeup of the vmsplice security thing, and that got me
    wondering why this attack wasn't stopped by the CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR option... because
    it plain should have been...

    some analysis later.. it turns out that the following line in the top level Makefile,
    added by you in October 2007, entirely disables CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR ;(
    With this line removed the exploit will be nicely stopped.

    # Force gcc to behave correct even for buggy distributions
    CFLAGS += $(call cc-option, -fno-stack-protector)

    Now I realize that certain distros have patched gcc to compensate for their lack of distro
    wide CFLAGS, and it's great to work around that... but would there be a way to NOT
    disable this for CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR please? It would have made this
    exploit not possible for those kernels that enable this feature (and that includes distros
    like Fedora)

    Arjan van de Ven

    If you want to reach me at my work email, use
    For development, discussion and tips for power savings,

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