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    Subjectmultiple drivers, single device (was Re: Announce: Linux-next (Or Andrew's dream :-)))
    Greg KH wrote:
    > [1] Hopefully the "multiple drivers for a single device" feature people
    > have been asking for for years will be landing soon, of course the
    > number of odd places in the kernel that made the assumption that we
    > could only have one driver per device is causing lots of fun...

    Color me a bit skeptical... we've always had this capability really:
    for multi-function devices, just register as many subsystems as you
    need. If your device is a network _and_ SCSI device, you can do that
    with today's APIs.

    I just went through a long thread (e1000/e1000e) explaining how much
    pain multiple drivers for the same PCI ID cause on the distro side of
    things... its a mess. In each case you must write special case code to
    resolve the ambiguity. You never know which is the best driver to
    choose, or proper module load order -- which may vary depending on
    machine, not just static information captured from a kernel Makefile.


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