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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [2/8] CPA: Flush the caches when setting pages not present

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

> e.g. the AMD64 pci-gart code sets pages not present to prevent
> potential cache coherency problems. When doing this it is probably
> safer to flush the caches too. So consider clearing of the present bit
> as a cache flush indicator.

uhm, but why? "Probably safer" is not the right kind of technical
argument ;-)

The PCI-GART quirk which we use on some systems unmaps pages _not_
because of coherency problems (any cache coherency problems would be
triggerable before we unmap them anyway), but due to _page aliasing_
problems: these pages might be in our general e820 map so we must
disable them.

( in any case, the CPA code does not deal with cache attribute coherency
- that is topic of the upcoming PAT feature. We still largely rely on
MTRRs to get cache coherency right. )

furthermore, your patch does not even do what you claim it does, because
it is an elaborate NOP on most modern CPUs:

> +static inline int cache_attr(pgprot_t set, pgprot_t clr)
> {
> - return pgprot_val(attr) &
> + /*
> + * Clearing pages is usually done for cache cohereny reasons
> + * (except for pagealloc debug, but that doesn't call this anyways)
> + * It's safer to flush the caches in this case too.
> + */
> + if (pgprot_val(clr) & _PAGE_PRESENT)
> + return 1;

as clflush does not work on not present pages...


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