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SubjectRe: I/O collisions w/ hwmon/it87.c and watchdog/it8712f_wdt.c? (Super I/O chips in general..)
Does it make sense to use the drivers/mfd directory for Super I/O
chips then? Is there any problem with having other hwmon, watchdog,
etc depend on drivers/mfd? Should this kind of setup for platform
devices be documented in the driver-model?


On Feb 10, 2008 6:05 PM, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> > Since these chips touch many different parts of traditionally separate
> > driver areas, how should the drivers be structured so that they can
> > all talk to the chip? Should the low level communications routines for
> > the chip live in a library which all the drivers could use?
> Probably yes. And that if possible should manage all the locking. Thats
> roughly how the majority of drivers do it. Some export the lock from base
> code and inline the accessors depending how complex it is.

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