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SubjectRe: [Regression] 2.6.24-git3: Major annoyance during suspend/hibernation on x86-64 (bisected)
On 01/02/2008, Ingo Molnar <> wrote:
> thanks - i cannot reproduce it on my usual suspend/resume testbox
> because e1000 broke on it, and this is a pretty annoying regression.
> We'll have to undo the hung-tasks detection feature if it's not fixed
> quickly. (there's no point in debugging features that _add_ bugs)

I can reproduce it and Peter's patch does fix it for me.

root@earth:/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1# time echo 0 > online
real 0m6.743s
root@earth:/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1# time echo 0 > online
real 0m7.770s

I've observed delays from ~3 s. up to ~8 s. (out of ~20 tests) so the
10s. delay of msleep_interruptible() might be related but
I'm still looking for the reason why this fix helps (and what goes
wrong with the current code).

> Ingo

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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