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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [12/12] GBPAGES: Switch direct mapping setup over to set_pte
    Andi Kleen wrote:
    >> Why? 64-bit Xen will need this to be set_pmd if its an update to L2 of
    >> the table.
    > Then change_page_attr() and hugepages will already not work because they both
    > do exactly that.
    > And I didn't want to duplicate this manual code for the GBpages case, so i
    > changed it everywhere to the standard way.

    It's a bit moot because Xen doesn't support any kind of large page yet,
    but there has been some work in that area. The main problem with using
    set_pte is that Xen supports trap'n'emulate for pte-level accesses, but
    not for upper levels.

    Looks like you're right about the rest of cpa; may as well make it all
    consistent for now, and we can fix it later when the need arises.


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