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SubjectRe: PATCH/RFC: bzImage payload as compressed ELF file.
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Ian Campbell <> wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> This patch switches the payload of a bzImage file to be in compressed
>> ELF format. There are several rough edges which need to be addressed
>> before it could go any further but I'd be interested to hear your
>> opinion of the general approach before I spend time cleaning it up.
>> I'm mainly interested in something along these lines to allow the Xen
>> bootloader to load a bzImage so that distros don't have to maintain
>> two kernel packages with the same basic bits in different file
>> formats, I think it would probably be of use to the kexec and/or
>> lguest folks too.
> this looks quite interesting to me. Peter, what do you think?

Definitely the right thing, let's just get the rough edges taken care
of, in particular the CRC32 bit.


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