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    SubjectRe: [patch] Performance Counters for Linux, v2
    Ingo Molnar wrote:
    > * Chris Friesen <> wrote:

    >> Regardless of sampling method, don't you still want some way to
    >> enable/disable the various counters as close to simultaneously as
    >> possible?
    > If it's about counter control for the monitored task, then we sure could
    > do something about that. (apps/libraries could thus select a subset of
    > functions to profile/measure, runtime, etc.)
    > If it's about counter control for the profiler/debugger, i'm not sure how
    > useful that is - do you have a good usecase for it?

    I'm sure that others could give more usecases, but I was thinking about
    cases like "I want to test _these_ multiple metrics simultaneously over
    _this_ specific section of code". In a case like this, it seems
    desirable to start/stop the various performance counters as close
    together as possible, especially if the section of code being tested is


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