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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] waitfd: file descriptor to wait on child processes
Alan Cox wrote:
>> prototype for a fourth: waitfd. It pretty much does what the name
>> suggests: reading from it yields a series of status ints (as would be
>> written into the second argument of waitpid) for child processes that
>> have changed state. It takes essentially the same arguments as waitpid
>> (for now) and supports the same set of features.
> This propogates the fundamental braindamage of waitpid - the fact the
> notification only works on child process trees.
> Here is a more elegant suggestion - use epoll, inotify and friends fully
> on /proc process nodes.
> Alan
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Last I checked inotify was not supported in /proc, or at least most of
it. What kind of work load is it to change that?


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