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    SubjectRe: Hi! I've noticed that advertises 2.6.28 as "The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is".
    On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 12:39:55PM +0700, Igor Podlesny wrote:
    > Actually that's either a mistake or I don't know what you guys call "a
    > stable version".
    > Since 2.6.24 there're serious regressions in all the following
    > "stable" releases. Both my own experience +
    > proves that.
    > Just to bring in some examples:
    > -- using 2.6.25.x I started to notice "oops"es in dmesg (what hadn't
    > been happening for a long time).
    > -- since 2.6.26 mine desktop system can't go suspend or hibernate. It
    > tries, but immediately returns from that trying.
    > -- Copying several rather big files (~ 25--45 GiB) from XFS on LVM-2
    > on MDraid partition to another one, I had the system rebooted both
    > with 2.6.28 and (accomplished using!)25). As
    > you probably understand, that's the case you even can't trace where's
    > the problem, at least on a desktop with GUI, not on server with plain
    > text display. Although, I'm afraid even text display wouldn't had a
    > chance to show anything, tracing that problem.
    > So, I don't feel Linux is stable since 2.6.24. Do you?

    Well, I won't say that I find them 100% rock solid, but you seem to be
    able to reproduce a lot of serious issues. Have you filed bug reports
    to get them fixed ? You cannot expect people to fix bugs they're not
    aware of !

    Also it would be a good idea to get all those issues fixed soon, because
    2.6.27-stable will be maintained for a long time.


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