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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/8] Tunable sched_mc_power_savings=n
    Hi, Vaidyanathan.
    It's very late reponse. :(

    > Results:
    > --------
    > Basic functionality of the code has not changed and the power vs
    > performance benefits for kernbench are similar to the ones posted
    > earlier.
    > KERNBENCH Runs: make -j4 on a x86 8 core, dual socket quad core cpu
    > package system
    > SchedMC Run Time Package Idle Energy Power
    > 0 81.68 52.83% 54.71% 1.00x J 1.00y W
    > 1 80.70 36.62% 70.11% 0.95x J 0.96y W
    > 2 74.95 19.53% 85.92% 0.90x J 0.98y W
    > The results are marginally better than the previous version of the
    > patch series which could be within the test variation.
    > Please feel free to test, and let me know your comments and feedback.
    > I will post more experimental results with various benchmarks.

    Your result is very interesting.
    level 2 is more fast and efficient of power.

    What's major contributor to use less time in level 2?
    I think it's cache bounce is less time than old.
    Is right ?

    I want to test SCHED_MC but I don't know what you use to benchmark about power.
    How do I get the data about 'Package, Idle, Energy, Power'?

    Kinds regards,
    MinChan Kim

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