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SubjectRe: [PATCH] coredump_filter: enable to change the default filter
> >>However, we would need a special care for PID namespace if we use
> >>init's coredump_filter as default. For a process with new PID
> >>namespace and new /proc, writing to /proc/1/coredump_filter doesn't
> >>mean changing default, although it's not a usual operation.
> >
> > I'd figured that private PID namespaces with their own init would want
> > their own private settings for this default too.
> Probably it's true, but I'm not sure if having coredump_filter have
> two means is acceptable. init in a private PID namespace can die
> and dump a core file. So its coredump_filter has two means; default
> setting for the namespace and setting for itself.

FWIW, I think private namespace should have private settings framework.
I don't like to make special private settings code in this patch.

Yeah, defenitely we need to private settings for various reason, I agreed.
but we also need consistent private settings rule and framework.
otherwise, we will make various non consistent crap. maybe..

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