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SubjectRe: [PULL]

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 11:58 AM, Trilok Soni <> wrote:
> Hi Mauro,
>> This is one of the lack of the features on mercurial. It doesn't have a meta
>> tag for committer. On mercurial, the -hg user and the author should be the same
>> person.
>> Since we want to identify the patch origin (e.g. whose v4l/dvb maintainer got
>> the patch), we use the internal "user" meta-tag as the committer, and an extra
>> tag, at the patch description for the author (From:).
>> When creating the -git patch, the "From:" tag is replaced, by script, for
>> "Author:", I add my SOB there, and, I add myself as the -git committer (on git
>> we have both meta-tags).
> Isn't it good time to move v4l2-dvb tree to GIT? I am not aware of any
> hg-to-git repo. converter, but I can check with hg and git community.
> It could be difficult at first, but I am very confident that there are
> many GIT users here than mercurial, and yes your v4l-dvb maintenance
> process might change due move from GIT, but atleast you will not have
> to internal user meta-data per patch.

OK, there are tools to convert mercurial to git repo.

---Trilok Soni

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