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    SubjectPROC macro to annotate functions in assembly files
    The first patch introduces the PROC macro in the generic
    header file include/linux/linkage.h to annotate functions
    in assembly files. This is a first step to fully annotate
    functions (procedures) in .S-files. The PROC macro
    complements the already existing and being used ENDPROC
    macro. The generic implementation of PROC is exactly the
    same as ENTRY.

    The goal is to annotate functions, at least those called
    from C code, with PROC at the beginning and ENDPROC at the
    end. This is for the benefit of debugging and tracing.

    The second patch introduces a framework to check for nesting
    problems and missing annotations by overriding ENTRY/END
    and PROC/ENDPROC in x86-specific code. It should not be
    applied at this time, because it will just cause the build
    to fail due to existing annotation problems. I intend to
    fix the annotations for the x86 assembly files in the
    comming months and resubmit this second patch if this
    work is comming to an end.

    The first patch touches generic code, but I think it is
    trivial enough that it can be introduced via the x86 tree.


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