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SubjectRe: [git pull] RT scheduler updates for tip

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> > I was able to reproduce your first error (in the previous mail) by
> > turning off CONFIG_SMP. I have folded your fix into my series and
> > got past it. However, I was not able to reproduce these two new
> > errors. I was thinking that perhaps something merged improperly
> > between my (older) tip/master and the merge point in cpus4096. So I
> > rebased the series on your latest tip/master as of this morning, but
> > it still builds fine for me. Could you send me the .config that
> > causes this to blow up? I will get it straightened out for you ASAP.
> > Sorry for the inconvenience.
> Could you send a delta fix against cpus4096 for that bug you fixed?

in fact ... i had to temporarily remove your patches because it held
tip/cpus4096 hostage and there were other patches waiting to be queued up
there. Latest sched/core is now included in cpus4096, so please resend
the series against that tree.


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