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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/45] KVM: x86: Support for user space injected NMIs
    Jan Kiszka wrote:
    > Avi Kivity wrote:
    >> From: Jan Kiszka <>
    >> Introduces the KVM_NMI IOCTL to the generic x86 part of KVM for
    >> injecting NMIs from user space and also extends the statistic report
    >> accordingly.
    > Avi, please consider [1] again. You've already merged the related user
    > space cleanup, and I was just waiting for your comment on how to deal
    > with the kernel part, ideally _before_ merging the superfluous
    > ready_for/request NMI interface into mainline.
    > Thanks,
    > Jan
    > [1]

    Do you mean, drop these nmi window bits completely from 2.6.29, keeping
    just injection? We can do that without breaking released userspace by
    dropping KVM_CAP_NMI and adding KVM_CAP_NMI2 (better name?) that doesn't
    have interrupt window support.

    This means that userspace versions that supported KVM_CAP_NMI will not
    work with 2.6.29, but I think we can live with that.

    If this is acceptable, please send a patch that converts KVM_CAP_NMI to
    KVM_CAP_NMI2, and a corresponding patch for userspace. I will fold the
    kernel patch into the 2.6.29 submission, and apply both patches to the
    master branch.

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