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    SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] Bugs on aspire one A150
    [Only about sound stuff, stripped irrelevant addresses from cc]

    At Sun, 09 Nov 2008 02:52:05 +0200,
    Maxim Levitsky wrote:
    > >> ** 3 - internal mic doesn't work.
    > >> tried model=acer, model=auto.
    > >> Overall it seems that alsa misprograms O/B realteck
    > >> codec.
    > >> I talk about this later.
    > Surprisingly, this is almost fixed.
    > I can record from both internal mic and external mic
    > (Quality is not so good, but is the same as in windows)
    > Almost, is that to increase capture level, I have to set "one" channel of it.
    > Eg: if I set 100% left and 100% right then capture level is very low.
    > But when I set 100% left and 0% right or vice versa it works fine.
    > Also the "mic boost" doesn't change capture volume for internal mic.
    > also the "mic boost" if set to high value works like analog loopback
    > (I hear what I say in mic in headphones, same happens on my main notebook acer 5720)

    Interesting. Is it with or without model option? There is a model
    option specific for aspire one (acer-aspire). Doesn't it work better?

    For comparing the hardware setting, please you run with
    --no-upload option, and attach the generated file at each state. This
    shows the real codec register values.

    Also, please run the same procedure for acer 5720, too.



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