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SubjectRe: eeepc-laptop rfkill, stupid question #4
On Mon, 03 Nov 2008, Alan Jenkins wrote:
> >> Can you read the state? If so, you need to unconditionally do so on resume
> >> (from sleep or hibernation) and rfkill_force_state() it.
> >
> > The rfkill core actually forces the state on resume, so I think we're
> > fine.

Not if you can enter or exit HARD_BLOCK, you're not. If you cannot it is
fine. But if you can, you really need to rfkill_force_state() on resume,
even if you have a get_state() hook.

This might be something that needs explicit documentation, or something
wanting a fix.

> I think the reason it works is because eeepc-laptop provides a
> "get_state" callback. rfkill can call get_state on resume, and if the

It doesn't call get_state on resume right now, because rfkill_toggle_radio()
optimizes that away when called in forced mode.

I will think about removing that "optimization".

> state has changed, force it back to the old value. So I think it's ok
> as is.

And the rfkill core seems to be buggy when you call force_state() on resume,
which you guys didn't hit because you're not doing it yet. See my other

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