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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] fs: Scalability of sockets/pipes allocation/deallocation on SMP
Christoph Lameter a écrit :
> On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Eric Dumazet wrote:
>> The last point is about SLUB being hit hard, unless we
>> use slub_min_order=3 at boot, or we use Christoph Lameter
>> patch (struct file RCU optimizations)
>> If we boot machine with slub_min_order=3, SLUB overhead disappears.
> I'd rather not be that drastic. Did you try increasing slub_min_objects
> instead? Try 40-100. If we find the right number then we should update
> the tuning to make sure that it pickes the right slab page sizes.

4096/192 = 21

with slub_min_objects=22 :

# cat /sys/kernel/slab/filp/order
# time ./socket8
real 0m1.725s
user 0m0.685s
sys 0m12.955s

with slub_min_objects=45 :

# cat /sys/kernel/slab/filp/order
# time ./socket8
real 0m1.652s
user 0m0.694s
sys 0m12.367s

with slub_min_objects=80 :

# cat /sys/kernel/slab/filp/order
# time ./socket8
real 0m1.642s
user 0m0.719s
sys 0m12.315s

I would say slub_min_objects=45 is the optimal value on 32bit arches to
get acceptable performance on this workload (order=2 for filp kmem_cache)

Note : SLAB here is disastrous, but you already knew that :)

real 0m8.128s
user 0m0.748s
sys 1m3.467s

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