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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] In-kernel process restart
    On Tuesday 25 November 2008 23:02 Oren Laadan wrote:
    > Andrey Mirkin wrote:
    > > These patchset introduces OpenVZ kernel based restart procedure on top of
    > > Oren's checkpoint/restart patchset v9.
    > >
    > > For restarting a set of processes one will need to call sys_restart()
    > > once with new flag CR_CTX_RSTR_IN_KERNEL. All work will be done in kernel
    > > in this case.
    > >
    > > Small changes to image format are required to make in-kernel process
    > > creation more easy.
    > >
    > > Oren, please take a look on this patchset. I've tried to port OpenVZ
    > > functionality on top of yours with minimal changes.
    > Thanks, Andrey. The patch looks simple and good.
    > Did you look at my (user-space) process creation code ? specifically, it
    > uses the task-pids array (that is saved during checkpoint) to figure out
    > how many children a task has to spawn and their corresponding pids.

    Yes, I've take a look on mktree tool. The algorithm of process creation is
    quite clear.

    > Is there a particular reason that you chose not to use that data during
    > restart ? eventually, you'll need to add the rest of it, too, to the task
    > data, like you did with the number of children in this patch.

    Agree, I'll rework my patchset to use already existing data.

    > Instead, since the data is available and the logic is available, we can
    > have each new thread call do_restart_task(), and the container init
    > should call do_restart_root().
    > What do you think ? I can go ahead and make the changes on top of your
    > patch.

    I'll take a closer look on these functions and maybe we can use them for
    created threads too. But from our experience during in-kernel process
    creation and restore it is needed to perfrorm some restore procedures when
    process is inactive. That is why I think we can't reuse all existing code for
    in-kernel restart. Anyway I'll check everything once again.


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