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SubjectRe: processors core stuck in full throttle after waking up from s2ram

> > > the processor is full throttle on one of the cores.
> >
> > Surely not. The first core shows 2.16 GHz.
> >
> > Anyway, it certainly is not related to the s2ram program in any way.
> Normally I would see cpu MHz: 1000 under both entries,
> this time upon wakeup theres 1000 and 2167.00. the 2167.00 doesn't move
> down to 1000 i.g. example of system normally:
> cat /proc/cpuinfo <below>

> will move between 2167.00 to 1000 simultaneously under load with both
> cores, but then back down to 1000, for both when settled down.
> in this situation as I reported, the 2167.00 just
> stays at that number for one of the cores(if thats what I'm seeing) when
> waking up from suspend for some reason or another.

Can you check with top that no process is running/eating time?

If you change cpufreq governor to powersave, will it react?

Can you check with powertop if the cpu is idle (C2/C3)or if it is
running something?

Actually, booting with nosmp might be useful. Is it always same core?
(cesky, pictures)

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