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    SubjectRe: CONFIG_PCI_LEGACY removal
    * Matthew Wilcox <>:
    > On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 06:14:26PM +1100, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
    > I think the plan is to delete all these drivers once the new ISDN layer
    > is a bit more battle-hardened.
    > > User of pci_find_slot():
    > >
    > > drivers/pci/hotplug/cpqphp_pci.c
    > The cpqphp driver is basically unmaintained. Last time I spoke to Greg
    > about it (which was probably three years ago) he said it wasn't possible
    > to find a machine which had one of these any more.

    I've managed to track some down.

    > I suspect the driver should simply be deleted, but if anyone steps up
    > and claims to have one of these to test the resulting patch, I'm willing
    > to remove pci_find_slot() from it.

    Converting cpqphp to use the modern pci_get_slot() API has been
    on my TODO list for a while. It was languishing because I
    couldn't find hardware nor time.

    I've got hardware now. Just need to free up a few cycles. :-/

    But if it's not worth it, I'm fine with marking as CONFIG_BROKEN
    and scheduling for eventual deletion.


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