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    SubjectRe: [take 3] Use pid in inotify events.
    On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 02:09:03PM +0100, Pavel Machek ( wrote:
    > > > It is a minimum functionality extension that serves the needs of one
    > > > or a few projects, while dirtying the design for all users.
    > >
    > > Yes, this is a minimum functionality extension, which breaks nothing.
    > > That's why it is a good idea, but I agree that there may be better than
    > > just a good idea and implementation :)
    > Breaks nothing?!
    > Introducing ugly hack with broken permission check we have to maintain
    > forever seems like way too much breakage for 14 lines.

    Apparently you missed the patch itself.
    Please check it first before making such statements.

    > > And I actually answered, that this may be a good idea for the new
    > > project. Although if things work right now no one will ever try to
    > > change it. It does not work in my case, so I need to invent as simple
    > > as possible way to fix it.
    > 'as simple diff as possible' is pretty bad criterium for kernel
    > merges.

    Critics without suggestions is useless. What did you try to say here?
    You you believe it should be done in a different way, please tell us how
    you see this should be implemented.

    Evgeniy Polyakov

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