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SubjectCrash during suspend to disk

I hope this information is sufficient to debug my problem, though it
unfortunately is somewhat incomplete. I took two pictures of the OOPS
with my mobile phone, but unfortunately the picture of the upper part is
so blurred that it is unreadable. Apparently I have to be in a hurry
getting out of the door for this to happen. Here is what I got from the
lower part

Call Trace:
Code: ......
EIP: [<...>] iput
---[ end trace ........................... ]---

There is a lot of blanks here that I should be able provide on request
as well.

The problem occured in my third attempt in quick succession to suspend
to disk. The first two did not succeed due to insufficient free swap. I
got 768 MB ram and a ~1 GB swap partition. I believe top said something
like Mem: 3xxxxxk used and Swap: 6xxxxxk used before the third attempt
to suspend to disk.

The system that was running had at least one successful suspend to disk
and restore the day before and I also use it sucessfully on a daily

I believe I've seen the same crash before with a 2.6.27 or earlier
kernel, but I was in a hurry getting out of the door back then as I was
here. Circumstances was the same though, with already successful suspend
to disk and the crash appearing during second or third attempt to
suspend to disk in quick succession.

I guess I should be able to reproduce the crash with some efforts, but
I'd like to hear your thoughts on this before I do that.

Filesystems are reiserfs.

Simon Holm Thøgersen

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